Morningstar® Advisor Workstation
Investment research and portfolio analysis platform.
Real-Time Module
The Real-Time Module in Morningstar® Advisor
Workstation delivers the latest live market data from dozens of sources worldwide to support trading and investment decisions. Powered by Morningstar® QuoteSpeed, our web-based market data application, the module displays streaming quotes with Level II market depth, charts, qualitative analysis, news, and more. Its flexible interface allows advisors to monitor the markets according to their preferences, offering them control over display details such as chart settings, refresh rates, window sizes, and colors.
What you can do:
Track the latest data
View data for instruments traded globally
License only the real-time or delayed data needed
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Firms that deploy Advisor Workstation with the Real-Time Module can include real-time BATS data at no charge, or add the global real-time or delayed quote data they need. Intraday and historical data is available for instruments including equities, derivatives, commodities, and foreign currencies. Advisors can customize the quote displays to see the data as they prefer.
Chart and monitor trading activity
Display intraday and historical price and volume data in candlesticks, OHLC bars, and more
View options chains in flexible displays
Choose standardized or customized views
Create watchlists and alerts
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Flexible charting options include candlesticks, OHLC bars (opening, highest, lowest, and closing price), moving averages, Bollinger Bands, and other technical indicators. Overlapping and resizable windows, as well as drag-and-drop set up, make it easy to create workspaces appropriate for monitoring specific instruments. Options chains highlight “in the money” options and overlay technical charts with index and event information. Advisors can set alerts to trigger during certain market conditions.
Receive news and analysis
License add-on news feeds
Include stock or fund analyst updates
Access company filings, press releases, and more
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Not only does the Real-Time Module deliver investment data, it also streams news and analysis from Morningstar and more than 30 other providers. Available news feeds come from a variety of regions and focus on general investment updates to specific investment types. Built-in filters help advisors find news by source, type, and date ranges. Analyst updates indicate whenever a Morningstar analyst revises the report for a stock or fund. The latest company filings, press releases, security alerts, and market updates are included with the module. Briefing.com provides live information on IPOs and splits, as well as economic and events calendars.
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