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Analyst Research Center
Available through Morningstar® Advisor Workstation, the Analyst Research Center is a constant source for investment ideas from more than 100 Morningstar analysts. It complements the quantitative data in Advisor Workstation’s Research Module with independent, qualitative research for 1,800 stocks, 2,000 mutual funds, 300+ exchange-traded funds, and all IPOs within the United States. Video reports, ratings, picks, model portfolios, and more help advisors track down the latest sound investment options to recommend to clients.
What you can do:
Discover stock investment ideas
Review detailed analysis of 1,800 stocks
Watch timely analyst video reports
Consult analysts’ Morning Notes for daily insights
Target specific stocks with Morningstar screens
Get the latest performance results for Tortoise and Hare portfolios
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Morningstar stock analysts tap their extensive industry knowledge while they evaluate companies using a proprietary methodology built on fundamental analysis. Stock analyst reports available through the Analyst Research Center quickly identify a stock’s worth, then back it up with pages of analyst commentary, ratings, and data. Regularly updated video commentaries offer objective third-party perspectives on companies, industries, and market trends. A stock screener identifies investments with solid 10-year records, bargain stocks, and more. As seen in our market-beating Tortoise and Hare portfolios, stocks rated highly by Morningstar analysts have consistently outperformed the broader market over the long term.
Find favorite mutual funds
Read detailed reports covering 2,000 funds
Apply helpful fund screens
Access our Fund Favorites and Red Flags lists
Investigate the fund industry through Fund Spy reports
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Comprehensive analyst reports for more than 2,000 funds deliver a complete overview and twelve years of history all on one page. Reports cover the Morningstar analyst’s take, discussions of the fund’s strategy and management, the Morningstar Rating™ for funds, and the fund’s historical risk and return. Advisors can use pre-built Morningstar screens for Portfolio Anchors, Hidden Gems, Great Bond Funds, and more. Fund Favorites and Red Flags articles indicate funds to consider and avoid. Fund Spy articles examine the fund industry and fund families through the eyes of acknowledged fund experts.
Evaluate ETFs
Access analyst reports for more than 300 ETFs
Find the most appropriate ETFs based on specific objectives
Understand the evolving ETF landscape through Fund Spy reports
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The Analyst Research Center houses analyst reports for more than 300 ETFs and exchange-traded notes (ETNs). Our ETF reports address suitability, fundamentals, portfolio construction, and fees. They include Morningstar’s exclusive ETF Valuation Rating, which indicates whether an equity ETF is under-, fairly-, or over-valued based on the Morningstar Fair Value Estimates for the underlying stocks. Our ETF Uncertainty Rating addresses the riskiness of the underlying stock holdings within an equity ETF. An easy-to-use screener helps advisors quickly find the right ETFs to meet a particular portfolio objective. Fund Spy articles address industry developments, as well as our take on new ETF trends and categories.
Get early takes on IPOs
Learn more about any IPO that comes to market in the U.S.
Understand how each company fits within its competitive landscape
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When information is scarce, Morningstar’s objective reports provide an invaluable view into all new issues that come to market in the U.S. Our coverage of a new offering begins shortly after the initial S-1 is filed and extends through the first 12 months of trading. Advisors can use our independent analysis to learn how newly public companies fit in the competitive landscape and how each company stacks up. Our analysts pay particular attention to the circumstances surrounding a new offering, why a company is going public, and who’s selling.
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