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Morningstar® StockInvestor™ guides investors through the stock selection maze. Editor Paul Larson gives advice on stocks to buy and those to sell or avoid. StockInvestor includes two real-money portfolios that Larson actively manages to illustrate different investment styles. Since inception, these Tortoise and Hare portfolios have significantly outperformed the S&P 500.

A companion website is free to StockInvestor subscribers. Here they can read the latest news about
the stocks Paul follows, track daily performance of the portfolios and stocks in the watchlists, download the newest edition of StockInvestor prior to its distribution, and manage portfolio alerts.
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In Each Issue
Paul’s discussion of his latest changes to the portfolios and watchlists, notes from visits to his favorite companies, and comprehensive data on companies with a sustainable competitive advantage, or “wide moat”
Buy and sell guidance
Market-beating Tortoise and Hare portfolios
Tortoise and Hare Focus: In-depth profiles on portfolio selections
Watchlist of wide moat companies
InternationalInvestor insert that includes new investing ideas from around the globe and a watchlist of international stocks
Detailed stock analyses
Company spotlight
Key Features
Exclusive website for StockInvestor subscribers
Email communications from Paul about changes to the portfolios, his opinions about events related to the companies in the portfolios or watchlists, or his thoughts on the market
Access to the StockInvestor hotline, which allows subscribers to dial in and hear the latest industry news, and periodic editor and analyst conference calls where they can talk directly with the experts behind the research
Four free reports included with each subscription:
20 Best Companies in the World, Buying Core Stocks the Morningstar StockInvestor Way, How to Judge a Company's Management Team, and Best International Stocks Today
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Available in print or as a downloadable PDF file
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Each issue is 32 pages
One-year subscription contains 12 issues, plus four free reports and access to companion website
Editor: Paul Larson, Morningstar senior stock analyst
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