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Sean M. Waters
Co-Founder, Consultant
Cook Street Consulting, Inc.
Denver, Colorado
Cook Street Consulting, Inc. is an independent investment consulting firm that provides investment consulting services to select institutional pension plans.
Cook Street Consulting, Inc.
Everything in one place
Cook Street Consulting provides investment consulting and fiduciary services to select U.S. and Canadian retirement plan clients as its sole line of business.

We started using Morningstar Direct in 2007. We wanted to enhance our data and report formatting, using as few databases as possible. In our research process, we realized Morningstar Direct had everything we were looking for in one place. That was a huge home run for us. We’re able to get all the data, create all the charts we would ever want to create with one database.

Strong return on investment
Morningstar Direct has led to extremely high ROI from both a cost savings and an efficiency standpoint. We have realized immediate and ongoing savings by cutting down to one database. I’d say that saves us as much as $25,000 a year. And pulling information from one source makes us about 50 percent more efficient from a workload standpoint.
We’ve been able to automate a host of different functions, and we can run reports automatically. We now have one analyst dedicated to reporting, instead of four or five. Those efficiencies are incredibly valuable to our firm, our clients, and our growth.

Quick, professional presentations
Morningstar Direct’s flexibility is one of its biggest benefits. We can create custom projects or reports as needed, very quickly and in a consistent, professional format. Our clients love the institutional quality of the Morningstar Direct output.

It’s also now easier for us to construct our quantitative practices and processes inside Morningstar Direct. This solidifies our fiduciary role with our clients—benefiting them, their employees, and beneficiaries.
Morningstar Office Client - Cook Street Consulting, Inc. | Morningstar U.S
For us, it comes down to, “What’s the added functionality of a database, and how can it help us assist our clients?” Morningstar Direct is head and shoulders above what we have seen out there, and it has really worked well for us.
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