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Atlanta, Georgia
The Salvation Army’s Office of Investments manages investment policy and strategy for donation and endowment funds that support a variety of U.S. operations.
The Salvation Army
Enhanced investment process
When I joined The Salvation Army’s Office of Investments, we were looking for ways to enhance our overall investment process. We found that Morningstar Direct really fit the bill in terms of the data and functionality we were looking for. As we learned more about Presentation Studio, this became an increasingly important reason to select Morningstar Direct.

Custom reports for clearer communication
Presentation Studio helps us communicate what’s going on in our portfolio and with our strategy to our Board of Trustees, investment committees, donors, and others. So while our team values using Morningstar Direct for rigorous and granular analyses, we also appreciate being able to create reports easily to communicate effectively with our target audiences. Presentation Studio has an excellent interface and we can customize reports very simply.
A lean operation
We run a lean operation, trying to make sure every dollar donated is maximized out in the field. Morningstar Direct provides us with a good, cost-effective way to undertake analysis, reporting, and monitoring. For example, I don’t want to spend too much time trying to format charts and reports when I need to focus on the markets and our assets. Morningstar Direct has freed up a lot of time and lessened administrative demands on our staff.

Diversified, yet risk-conscious
Our endowment’s size and complexity requires us to come up with new strategies and to look at less traditional investment areas. Morningstar Direct has all these investments in its database, which has helped us generate new ideas and be more proactive in managing and diversifying our portfolio.
Morningstar Office Client - The Salvation Army | Morningstar U.S
Also, we tend to manage things conservatively, and we like that Morningstar Direct enables us to do highly customized screens within asset classes based on the factors that can help us manage risk.
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