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Equity Portfolio Management
Morningstar Direct combines the information and tools needed to select investments and analyze portfolios of individual securities. Access to qualitative analysis and news helps portfolio managers make sense of and anticipate effects on investments. Portfolio managers can easily access Morningstar Direct’s real-time monitoring capabilities from mobile devices to keep on top of the market fluctuations that can affect their portfolios.
What you can do:
Examine company fundamentals
Screen from detailed fundamental information on more than 26,000 global stocks and American Depository Receipts
Uncover current and past ownership status for more than 20,000 securities
View daily trailing returns and valuation information
Access Morningstar equity and corporate credit research with proprietary Morningstar statistics
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For in-depth stock analysis, Morningstar Direct offers access to complete company fundamental data reinforced with research from Morningstar analysts. Home to analysts named “Best on the Street” by The Wall Street Journal, Morningstar is one of the largest independent sources for equity and credit research in the world. Our equity analysts evaluate stocks using a proprietary methodology built on fundamental analysis that assesses the value of a business, its risks, and whether the stock price accurately reflects both. Our corporate credit research offers corporate credit ratings along with rigorous quantitative and qualitative assessments of a company’s financial health.

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Run attribution analyses
Measure manager skill
Isolate excess return factors
Conduct analyses on smartphones and tablets
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Powerful attribution methodologies and easy-to-interpret reports in Morningstar Direct allow users to examine and explain the effects of portfolio management decisions. At the manager level, users can determine how much of the excess return is due to a manager’s sector weighting and security selection decisions. Excess return can be segmented by region, sector, style, economic moat, market cap weightings, or security selection. Attribution analysis in Morningstar Direct leverages our exclusive holdings data to assist institutional investors with manager due diligence. Portfolio managers use our real-time data and back-office integration service to run attributions on their up-to-the-minute portfolios, which they can conduct anywhere on smartphones and other devices with online connections.

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Monitor the markets and portfolios in real time
View streaming real-time data for major exchanges
Receive news and alerts on specific securities
Display charts, watchlists, and more
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Morningstar Direct helps users not only track the markets, but also set up watchlists for specific securities in their portfolios with our back-office data integration. Access to qualitative analysis and news helps portfolio managers make sense of and anticipate effects on investments. A variety of charts, technical indicators, and comparisons display intraday and historical data.
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