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Our institutional investment analysis platform.
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Investment and Product Analyst
Standard Bank
Johannesburg, South Africa
Part of Standard Bank, Africa’s largest banking group, the Private Clients division provides clients worldwide with banking, finance, trading, investment, risk management, and advisory services.
Standard Bank
One-stop shop
Standard Bank is Africa’s largest banking group. My team, Fund Solutions, uses Morningstar
Direct to create risk profile model portfolios that aim to achieve risk-adjusted returns and meet investment objectives.

Morningstar Direct is a true one-stop shop that provides us with all the data we need in a single source, eliminating the need for other data providers and bringing us a significant cost savings. It also gives us more time to analyze data outputs—rather than spending that time gathering data and creating reports—which helps us make better-informed investment decisions.

A view into model portfolios
We create our model portfolios in Morningstar Direct and can customize the way we track and monitor their performance, including both backdated and current performance. We can
track these portfolios against customized peer groups and pick the comparison benchmarks we think will provide the best insights into the portfolio’s performance. The performance attribution functionality has become an integral part of our daily analysis, helping us better understand what’s driving the performance of our model portfolios.

Beyond basic presentations
With Presentation Studio, we can summarize information in an understandable format and present data that goes beyond basic, pre-defined reports. We appreciate that the data is consistent across all fund reports. This makes it easy to compare funds at a glance.

Dynamic data
Morningstar Direct has definitely streamlined our processes. For presentations, we previously had to run a variety of Microsoft® Excel® models and manipulate
Morningstar Office Client - Standard Bank | Morningstar U.S
a lot of data manually. Now all this information can be both analyzed and presented within Morningstar Direct. And because it is easy to update the performance reports and presentations we create in Morningstar Direct, we can simply refresh the data to make sure reports are current.
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