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Custom and Standard Solutions
With Morningstar® Enterprise Components, components are available on a spectrum from standard to completely custom. Custom solutions range from individual tools, to web service delivery, to entire websites that we design, build, and implement to meet a firm’s specific needs. During implementations, we can incorporate third-party or private data with our research, data, and client-ready reports. For faster delivery, we offer an extensive selection of standard and configurable tools that offer flexibility such as multilingual and multi-currency functionality. Both our custom and standard online tools reflect a firm’s branding and fit seamlessly within existing websites.
What you can do:
Replace static content with a dynamic experience
Build custom online tools or complete websites
Meet the needs of a website’s target users
Increase web traffic and user engagement
Enterprise Components can make a website a destination instead of a repository for information. We’ll help analyze visitor needs and recommend solutions for a positive user experience that leaves visitors with valuable information—whether they’re seeking investment research, portfolio analysis, retirement income planning, or sales support. We apply our design and technology expertise to build easy-to-use web tools that attract visitors, keep them engaged, and bring them back again.
Turn ordinary data into powerful communications
Integrate Morningstar, third-party, or private data
Add research from Morningstar experts
Customize client reports
Incorporate model portfolios and fund premier lists
Morningstar’s most popular tools and reports can transform basic content such as performance data into fuel for analysis and sales. With one-click access, users can uncover detailed analyses or print a Morningstar report right when they need it. Many of the reports available through Enterprise Components are FINRA-reviewed and ready for distribution to investors. But they can also be customized—whether it’s their design, API delivery, or integration of third-party methodologies. The portfolio analysis and comparison capabilities in Enterprise Components can incorporate fund-level model portfolios, allowing companies to present their best product lineup and saving users the time spent researching individual investments.
Enhance existing websites
Add standard or configured options for faster delivery to market
License components, entire tools, or XML data
Enterprise Components deploys within the framework of an existing website to expand content with little investment on the company’s part. It’s an efficient way for firms to add valuable content that attracts web visitors, especially when faced with limited budgets or resources. Enterprise Components can easily incorporate a company’s brand identity including fonts, colors, and other design elements to create a consistent look and feel within an existing website. For scalability, the components can fully integrate with each other, as well as internal tools and third-party components.
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