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Philippe Lebeau
Head of Investor Relations
Global Marketing and Investor Relations,
Paris, France
Headquartered in Paris, Comgest is a global asset management group serving investors with a focus on long-term growth and emerging-market equities in Europe and Asia.
Sophisticated risk analyses
As our client base had
expanded to include more prominent pension funds and central banks, we needed a strong quantitative tool to
help us answer their sophisticated risk-related questions. We invested in Morningstar Direct.

Morningstar Direct helps my team prepare our internal investment specialists to answer investors’ questions in a transparent, honest, and sophisticated way. I always keep the tool open on my desktop so I can assist my team. We are able to perform thorough competitive analyses, compare real and proposed portfolios, and run competitor performance comparisons. We can automate and save investment lists, then update them and crunch the numbers to accommodate specific requests. This has given us great flexibility.
Comparisons and cross-checks
We use the performance reporting functionality to compare ourselves with a benchmark and with the competition. We look at Comgest’s fund rankings in the various Morningstar categories and create custom peer groups. We also cross-check our internal risk management data for consistency with what’s publicly available. It’s helpful for our specialists to know exactly what our performance was at different periods.

Performance reports for all situations
In terms of performance evaluation and investment summary reports, Morningstar Direct gives us the best of both worlds. It offers a variety of standardized reports that we can run with one click to fulfill 90 percent of our needs. Then, for specific situations, we can use Presentation Studio to create something more customized.
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Market trend tracking
The asset flows feature in Morningstar Direct provides a user-friendly way to access the inflows for our own range of funds on a monthly basis. I regularly look at the Morningstar category fund flows, then examine individual funds within each category to get a better understanding of industry trends, market activity, and the competition.
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