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One of the oldest financial services providers in Chile, Larraín Vial AGF offers advisory, financial intermediation, and asset management services for private, corporate, and institutional clients in Chile and worldwide.
Larraín Vial AGF
Efficient fund selection
As an analyst, my most important responsibility is fund selection. I create most of the reports that we use for quantitative analysis in selecting funds for our portfolios. For this work, Morningstar
Direct really is the best, most user-friendly tool. It’s excellent for advanced searches to screen funds, and for then ranking the funds using any criteria we choose. We can make calculations in just a few clicks that would otherwise demand a lot of number crunching using a spreadsheet.

Being able to customize risk criteria for the scorecards we create within Morningstar Direct’s performance reporting functionality gives us the ability to evaluate funds with different strategies under different “looking glasses.” This is something I really like a lot because different funds need different approaches to evaluation.
Attribution for active management
Performance attribution is another of Morningstar Direct’s most powerful capabilities. Being able to de-aggregate the performance down to the last holding of a fund is one of the most important parts of quantitative analysis for actively managed funds.

We also use total portfolio attribution to evaluate our own funds of funds. Creating custom benchmarks is the easiest and most efficient way for us to evaluate our portfolio managers’ ability to pick strong fund managers.

Easy report preparation
I use Presentation Studio to efficiently prepare workbook reports. We have templates that we run regularly, via batch management, to evaluate the
Morningstar Office Client - Larraín Vial AGF  | Morningstar U.S
performance of our main active investments. We also produce reports prior to conference calls, to prepare for a presentation, or before a fund manager stops by to pitch a new offering.

My use of Morningstar Direct will definitely expand as Morningstar continues to develop the platform.
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