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Brian McNamara
Regional Director, External Wholesaler
Midwest Region
Baron Capital, New York, NY
Baron Capital is an asset management firm that offers separately managed accounts, sub-advisory services, and mutual funds for domestic and international investors.
Baron Capital
Reducing missed opportunities
My day-to-day activities include meeting with advisors, assessing the needs of their business, and making recommendations based off of what that advisor is looking for. To streamline my work, I use Report Portal, an optional feature of Morningstar Direct.

Before using Report Portal, I would have a great conversation with an advisor, but I lacked an efficient tool to get reports to that advisor in a timely manner. With Report Portal, our analysis doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Quicker turnaround, deeper relationships
Report Portal gives me mobile access to reports that are authorized by my corporate office. It shortens the turnaround time for getting data to the advisor. I can run reports right there in front of the advisor, and we can go over them together.
That really adds value as a wholesaler—it deepens the discussion, it deepens the relationship, and it shows that you can bring something to the table.

Superior analysis
I believe the holdings-based analysis that Morningstar runs is superior to style-based analysis that competitors use. When you have correlations that have been up beyond 90% for five years in a row, style-based analysis goes out the window. Advisors really appreciate when you can look under the hood and explain that they’re looking at a style-based analysis that may not be as meaningful as it was years ago.

Effective and intuitive layout
Report Portal is easy to use; it has a very logical layout. It’s uncomplicated, it’s very intuitive, and that made any sort of apprehension dissolve very quickly.
Morningstar Office Client - Baron Capital | Morningstar U.S
Morningstar really worked well with us in terms of being able to structure the layout the way we wanted it and provide the data and information that we wanted to see on the reports. That went a long way in our eyes.
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