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Recognized as a leading Asian fund manager, Value Partners is one of Asia’s largest asset management firms and focuses on value investing in the Greater China region.
Value Partners
Impressive local coverage
Our core philosophy at Value Partners is value investing. We believe in going the extra mile to gather information and intelligence, which gives us an edge.

This commitment extends to our rigorous monitoring and comparison of our funds’ performance, where Morningstar Direct has been extremely helpful. We are impressed with its coverage of European and Asian funds, each broken down into local universes like Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund (“MPF”) data and mainland domestic fund data. We also appreciate that Morningstar collects local data points for these regional universes.

True performance drivers
We find the high-level, at-a-glance snapshot of fund performance in Morningstar Direct useful in monitoring the top-line performance of our funds against their peers. Risk data like volatility, Sharpe ratio, or maximum drawdown can be obtained in a few easy clicks.
We are fans of the Morningstar Style Box™, as well as the ability to drill down and view specific fund holdings, especially for outliers. This helps us understand the true drivers of a fund’s performance. Having all the fund comparison information in a single platform saves us valuable time.

Timely data available
The timeliness of data in Morningstar Direct is outstanding. Morningstar updates much of its fund information daily, while other vendors provide only weekly or monthly updates. To us, this is a severe time lag, especially in volatile Asian markets.

Client confidence and assurance
We feel that the Morningstar brand embodies accuracy and reliability, and our use of Morningstar data brings assurance and confidence to our clients.
Morningstar Office Client - Value Partners | Morningstar U.S
We enjoy a very good relationship with Morningstar and receive excellent support for Morningstar Direct. Also, it’s clear from the frequency of functionality updates to Morningstar Direct that Morningstar is committed to continually enhancing its offering. We rarely see this kind of commitment in other vendors.
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