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Love Nordstrom
Senior Analyst, Manager Research
SEB Wealth Management
Stockholm, Sweden
SEB Wealth Management, a division one of Sweden’s largest banks, provides asset management and private banking services to institutions and high-net-worth individuals.
SEB Wealth Management
An edge from different viewpoints
The Manager Research team at SEB Wealth Management analyzes third-party managers, funds, and strategies. We conduct research for client specific demands and are appointed by our colleagues in the Product Strategy Group to find strategies or fund managers to be distributed within the organization. We work hard to assess exactly what clients are looking for. This is important in today’s market, where terms like “growth” and “value” are not as clearly defined as they once were.

To make a strategic recommendation, we need the best possible understanding of funds and why they perform in a certain way. That’s one reason why we use Morningstar Direct™. It has several historical data points that indicate when, where, and how a manager has succeeded or failed. We integrate Morningstar Direct as much as possible into our work process, because looking at things from different angles gives us an edge.
Customized data comparisons
Morningstar Direct is cost-efficient in that it combines data with an interface and tools that offer a lot of flexibility in both calculations and export functions. Combined, it gives the system an edge against competing products. I also like that I can create custom benchmarks, based on my interest, to calculate common industry risk statistics for a given fund.

Deeper analyses with holdings data
The holdings data in Morningstar Direct is a key advantage. Morningstar is good at collecting and processing holdings data, and this helps us better understand fund performance and manager philosophy. The holdings data also makes it easy to perform attribution analysis, which we can do right in Morningstar Direct.
Morningstar Office Client - SEB Wealth Management | Morningstar U.S
A trusted resource
We feel confident in the reliability of Morningstar data and are very pleased with what Morningstar Direct provides. I appreciate that Morningstar is continuously enhancing the system and adding useful features. As a cornerstone for manager research, Morningstar Direct is a very good system.
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