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David Silva
University of Chicago
Executive Master of Business Administration

University of Illinois, Chicago
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design

Employed since 1997
Design Manager, Morningstar.com®
"I never tire of coming to work."
As part of a typography course in college, my professor presented examples of work done by a company named Morningstar. He pointed out how the adherence to sound typographic principles was tied to the usefulness and ultimate success of the product, in this case, taking control of personal finances. When he mentioned the company had an opening in design, I immediately applied. It turned out to be one of those things that come along and alter the way you view yourself and what you do.

I was hired into the Product Design group and started working on a variety of demanding print-related products.

Whenever I had difficulty grasping something,
my colleagues went out of their way to explain the idea to me. I was constantly learning from others in completely different fields, admiring their craft.

When I expressed interest in human computer interaction, my manager put me to work on the interface for the next version of the product! Challenged, to say the least, I set out to learn about computer interfaces. I worked closely with a development team and together we built a whole new range of features. Working with such outstanding individuals has been one of the most rewarding aspects of working here.

Currently, I am managing a staff of outstanding designers and we concentrate on building products for individual
Morningstar Office Client - "I never tire of coming to work." | Morningstar U.S
investors. My career at Morningstar has been filled with extraordinary situations and challenges. And each of the teams I have been a part of had one common thread—really smart, if not quirky, people to work with. I never tire of coming to work.
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