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Morningstar Introduces Goal Planner: New Advisor Tool First to Provide Integrated Investment Advice for Multiple Financial Goals

CHICAGO, Jan 08, 2002 – Morningstar, Inc. today announced that it has introduced the Advisor Workstation Goal Planner™ , the first advisory tool that delivers integrated investment advice to clients. Unlike other solutions in the marketplace, which require that an advisor "map" each client account to a goal, Goal Planner simultaneously considers both client accounts and client goals when delivering its advice. In addition, Goal Planner lets advisors customize their fund selection criteria to reflect their own investment philosophies.

"Goal Planner is a highly sophisticated, yet extremely flexible tool that helps advisors create financial plans for clients with complex financial needs," said Chris Boruff, president of Morningstar's advisor business. "It represents the latest step in Morningstar's ongoing commitment to help financial advisors give their clients the best possible advice."

Morningstar Advisor Workstation Goal Planner is an in-depth planning tool that employs Monte Carlo simulations and tax-aware analysis to deliver asset allocation benchmarks as well as specific investment suggestions. Goal Planner includes a 10-step process that collects information about clients' current investments and goals, analyzes risk tolerance and preferences, conducts bear market simulations and asset allocation analysis, and generates investment recommendations to meet those financial goals.

John Rekenthaler, president of online advice for Morningstar, said, "Other planning tools have been developed around the premise that investors have distinct, separate investment accounts for each of their financial goals. There are two problems with this approach. First, it creates suboptimal results. Second, it does not take real-world situations into account. Our new tool supports the way people actually invest by recognizing that money in a single account may be earmarked for multiple needs, such as buying a second home and paying for college tuition."

Only Morningstar's Goal Planner offers the following features: 

- Multiple Goals for Multiple Accounts: Delivers an integrated solution for multiple goals to multiple accounts, producing more optimal results 

- Open Asset Allocation and Fund Selection Process: Provides the ability to customize fund selection methodology to reflect an advisor's own investment philosophy

- Portfolio-Based Approach: Creates mutual fund recommendations based on actual portfolio holdings

- Comprehensive Solution: Goal Planner is one component of the broader Morningstar Advisor Workstation investment management system for advisors. For example, after creating an investment strategy using the Goal Planner, advisors can use Workstation's portfolio analysis and monitoring tools to ensure that their clients' financial plans remain on track. 

Advisors may register for a 30-day free trial of Morningstar Advisor Workstation by clicking on the "Workstation" tab at www.morningstaradvisor.com

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