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Morningstar Introduces Morningstar 500 for Stocks

CHICAGO, Feb 20, 2002 – Chicago-based Morningstar, Inc., a global investment research firm, today introduced a new reference book, the Morningstar 500 for Stocks, which includes comprehensive one-page reports on 500 securities selected by Morningstar's team of stock analysts. 

The Morningstar 500 for Stocks includes independent analyst opinions, the Morningstar RatingTM for stocks, a Risk Measure, and Stock Grades based upon growth, profitability, and financial health for each stock. Each report also includes information on the analysts' estimates on each stock's fair value, the stocks' price history, valuation ratios, major competitors, management, performance (based on 2001 year-end data), and mutual funds that hold the largest percentage of their money in the stocks.

"Our new book gets to the heart of what we believe is essential to successful investing--finding great companies at bargain prices," said Mark Sellers, editor of Morningstar 500 for Stocks. "We want to help investors understand that not only is it essential that they choose great companies, but also that they pay a reasonable price for the shares." 

The new book also offers valuable feature articles such as "The Four Principles of Profitable Investing" and "Ten Things Every Stock Investor Should Know," as well as indexes for easy comparison, including "Top and Bottom Performing Stocks," "Industry Averages," and "Stocks with Highest and Lowest Morningstar Ratings."

The Morningstar 500 for Stocks can be ordered by calling 1-800-735-0700. It is also available at nationwide book retailers Borders, Barnes & Noble, and B. Dalton. The book costs $39.95. 

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