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Principia for Separate Accounts Debuts at Annual Morningstar Investment Conference

CHICAGO, Jun 25, 2002 – At its annual investment conference in Chicago, Morningstar, Inc., a leading investment research firm, today gave financial advisors a sneak preview of Morningstar® Principia® for Separate Accounts, the first separate accounts database in the industry designed specifically for financial advisors. Principia for Separate Accounts will be available in August, and Morningstar will roll out separate account data in other products in the coming months. 

"Our new Principia module will bring order and uniformity to separate account information, making it possible for advisors to search, evaluate, and compare separate accounts individually or as part of a client's portfolio," said Chris Boruff, president of Morningstar's advisor business. "We look forward to offering financial advisors the first system that combines separate accounts with other types of investments, giving them the most accurate picture of their clients' portfolios." 

Morningstar Principia for Separate Accounts offers extensive data from nearly 500 of the most prominent money management firms and 1,800 products across asset classes. Ultimately, the product will contain information from more than 1,000 firms and 4,500 products. The program features composite returns, underlying holdings, and more.

Principia for Separate Accounts is the first research product to give advisors a complete picture of their clients' portfolios by taking holdings information from mutual fund, stock, closed-end fund, and variable annuity/life investments and combining it with separate account data. With its powerful portfolio tools, Principia presents this information in a straightforward and concise format, giving advisors a unique perspective of a client's portfolio. 

In addition, Morningstar Principia for Separate Accounts will offer composite portfolio holdings information, allowing subscribers to use its innovative Stock Intersection and Portfolio Snapshot features. Soon, the product will offer the ability to search by platform availability and tax strategy. Morningstar Principia for Separate Accounts costs $1,995 for an annual subscription, and $795 for those who order by July 31.

Morningstar Principia is a complete software system for investment research, analysis, monitoring, and presentation at both the individual security and portfolio level. Principia's exclusive Multi-Asset Portfolio Developer can analyze portfolios that contain any mixture of investments--funds, stocks, variable subaccounts, and separate accounts--and treat them as a cohesive unit. Principia provides timely data on more than 1,800 separate accounts, 14,000 mutual funds, 7,000 stocks, 450 closed-end funds, and 23,000 variable annuity/life subaccounts.

About Morningstar, Inc. 
Chicago-based Morningstar, Inc. is a global investment research firm. Morningstar supplies a variety of products and services to professional investment advisors, including Morningstar® Advisor WorkstationSM, Morningstar® Principia® investment management software, Morningstar Mutual FundsSM, the annual Morningstar Investment Conference, and the Morningstar Professional Education Series.

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