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Morningstar Offers Online Seminar: 'Five Ways to Regain Control of Your Retirement'

CHICAGO, Nov 20, 2002 – Investors seeking to steer their retirement plans in the right direction can now take advantage of a new resource: Morningstar's online seminar, "Five Ways to Regain Control of Your Retirement." Designed for investors near or in retirement, this seminar is part of a series of comprehensive, interactive workshops that address different aspects of fund and stock investing. The five-week online retirement planning seminar begins today, and is taught by popular Morningstar columnist and award-winning financial planner Sue Stevens. 

Throughout the seminar, participants will examine their own retirement investments, create personal cash-flow projections, determine whether they need to rebalance their portfolios, and assess their estate-planning needs. Participants will have access to a special seminar-only "Conversations" area to share ideas and take part in question-and-answer sessions with Stevens. 

Participants may register for the program any time through Dec. 5, and will have access to the seminar sessions, tools, and conversations area through Jan. 15. The Conversations boards will not be monitored between Nov. 28-Dec. 1 and Dec. 24-Jan. 1. 

New sessions will be posted weekly according to the following schedule:

Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2002
Session 1: Getting Acclimated
The best way for investors to learn how to address the multiple issues in retirement is to start thinking about their own situations.
Exercise: Create your retirement wish list and personal balance sheet.

Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2002
Session 2: Determining What Comes In and What Goes Out
By the end of this session, participants will have a plan for structuring their cash flows throughout retirement.
Exercise: Develop a personal cash-flow projection and an appropriate sequence for withdrawing funds from your nest egg.

Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2002
Session 3: Should My Portfolio Change?
Participants will assess their existing portfolios and their "investable assets" to determine if it's necessary to rebalance in order to meet their goals.
Exercise: Analyze your portfolio using Morningstar.com portfolio assessment tools.

Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2002
Session 4: Repositioning Your Portfolio
Participants will identify an "ideal" retirement portfolio and learn how to use this portfolio to meet personal cash-flow requirements.
Exercise: Incorporate projected withdrawals from your portfolio into your personal cash-flow projection worksheet.

Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2002
Session 5: Estate Planning and Long-Term Care
This session covers the basics of estate planning and estate tax, as well as the complicated issue of long-term care insurance and other important retirement-related issues.
Exercise: Determine how estate taxes will affect your portfolio and assess your need for long-term care insurance.

"We've designed our newest online seminar to serve as a step-by-step guide for investors who want to take charge of their retirement plans," said Haywood Kelly, director of securities analysis for Morningstar. "Many investors are in panic mode right now because they've lost so much money. Others simply need guidance to make sure they're still on track. The beauty of an online seminar is that investors can participate at their own pace and on their own time."

"Five Ways to Regain Control of Your Retirement" includes interactive exercises and complimentary access to many of Morningstar.com's Premium portfolio tools. Each session takes one to two hours to complete.

The cost is $19.95 for Morningstar.com Premium Members and $39.95 for registered users. For more information, go to:
http://www.morningstar.com/retirementseminar .

About Sue Stevens, MBA, CPA, CFA, CFP
Sue Stevens, director of financial planning for Morningstar Associates, LLC, is Morningstar.com's financial planning voice through her column "Improving Your Retirement." Stevens also writes the "Portfolios and Planning" column for Morningstar FundInvestor. In addition to her responsibilities at Morningstar, Stevens has a private financial planning practice (Stevens Portfolio Design LLC), specializing in retirement and portfolio planning. She was recently named one of the top planners in the country by Worth magazine. 

Stevens holds a bachelor's degree from Northwestern University and pursued a career as a professional cellist for more than 15 years. She received a master's degree in business from the University of Chicago.

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