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Morningstar.com Library Edition Adds ‘Help & Education Center’: Investment Site for Library Patrons Explains Key Investing Terms and Concepts

CHICAGO, July 23, 2003 – Morningstar, Inc., a global investment research firm, has added a new “Help & Education Center” to Morningstar.com Library Edition, a Web site created exclusively for libraries and their patrons.  The new area of the site provides a glossary of key terms, online courses, reference guides, and training seminars to help library patrons learn about investing and improve their financial literacy.

A recent survey conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, American Savings Education Council, and Matthew Greenwald & Associates, shows an increase in workers who are not at all confident that they will have enough money for retirement.*  Also, in a 2002 study conducted by Mutual of Omaha with the Profit Sharing Council of America, approximately 9 percent of respondents indicated that they spend no time reviewing their 401(k) plans in a typical year.**
“Libraries play a crucial role in making information available to everyone – including valuable financial resources that can help people plan for retirement or their child’s college education,” said Catherine Odelbo, president of Morningstar’s retail business. “Too often, people don’t know where to turn when they are confused by a financial concept or are overwhelmed by their investment choices.  Our new Help & Education Center is designed to replace frustration with knowledge by providing tools that can better prepare people for major investment decisions.”

The new Help & Education Center includes:
· The popular Morningstar Investing Classroom, which teaches the fundamentals of stock and fund investing with online courses and quizzes.
· A new Glossary, which offers a database of 197 investment terms that appear throughout Morningstar’s reports and tools.
· Training Seminars, which demonstrate how to use Morningstar.com Library Edition’s tools, such as Stock Screener or Portfolio X-Ray.

· Patron’s Guide, which provides a quick reference that can be printed to help library patrons navigate around the site.

Morningstar.com Library Edition is one of the first online information services that gives libraries comprehensive, independent investment research that can be made easily available to their patrons.  In addition to the new “Help & Education Center,” the service includes:

· Individual reports on 7,000 stocks and 13,000 mutual funds.
· Proprietary, independent Morningstar Analyst Reports on 1,000 of those stocks and 2,000 of those mutual funds.
· Screening tools that allow patrons to search on hundreds of data points.
· Stock and Fund Diagnostics analytical tools that explain – in plain English – key statistics, long-term performance and complex methodology.
· Portfolio features that allow patrons to assemble stock and fund selections into a portfolio to see how the investments work together.
· Remote access from home that offers patrons 24-hour access to the most current stock and fund information.
· Online usage tracking allows librarians to see how patrons use the site.

Librarians may obtain the customized version of Morningstar.com through the company’s Library Services unit, which offers sales support and customer service to more than 4,000 public, special, and academic libraries nationwide.  For more information about Morningstar.com® Library Edition, call 866-215-2509. Or sign up for a free two-week trial at http://library.morningstar.com/trialPR1.

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Morningstar, Inc. is a global investment research firm offering an extensive line of print, software, and Web-based products and services for individuals, financial advisors, and institutions.  The company is a trusted source of investment information and analysis for stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, variable annuities and separate accounts.
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*The researchers surveyed 1,000 individuals (782 workers and 218 retirees) in 20-minute phone conversations in January 2003. The complete results of the “2003 Retirement Confidence Survey” can be found at:

**The researchers conducted a telephone poll of 302 401(k) plan participants nationwide in October 2002.  The complete results of the “401(k) Plan Preferences Study” can be found at:

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