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Suitability analysis tool.
Morningstar® Share Class Analyzer offers advisors a simple Web-based workflow for generating comprehensive suitability analysis of mutual fund share classes. Relying on artificial share class limits or unscientific rules can result in the recommendation of a share class that is inappropriate for a particular investor. Share Class Analyzer helps prevent misalignment by allowing advisors to identify precisely the best share class based on a client’s time horizon and breakpoint opportunities.
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Key Features
Simple interface automatically captures cost information and enables quick entry of holding period and breakpoints—all the information essential to complete a comprehensive suitability analysis
Elegant client report shows the cost of four distinct share classes over ten distinct holding periods, as well as share class cost structure, enabling a conversation between advisor and client about the best share class for a client’s unique situation
Optional backward-looking methodology reveals how share class choices would have performed over various historical holding periods
Optional link to Morningstar® Compliance Data Digest for on-demand review of account linkage rules
Available as a stand-alone tool or integrated with Morningstar® Advisor Workstation Enterprise Edition

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