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Compliance Data Digest
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Standardized prospectus information.
Morningstar® Compliance Data Digest standardizes all the prospectus information related to mutual fund fee breakpoints that advisors need at the point of sale, including comprehensive rights-of-accumulation (ROA) linkage rules. This tool eliminates the time-consuming task of interpreting complex prospectus language in order to apply point-of-sale rules appropriately. Compliance Data Digest enables advisors to quickly identify money-saving breakpoint opportunities for their clients.
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Key Features
Prospectus data available via name, ticker, and family name for every fund family that offers a load share class
Standardized, easy-to-interpret presentation of fund-family and fund-specific point-of-sale rules
- Rights-of-accumulation aggregation rules, including eligible share classes, family entities, and accounts
- Letter-of-intent information, including the period, escrow rules, and look-back period
- Fund breakpoints and CDSC schedules
- Other Important Considerations section captures nuances of complex rules
Direct links to prospectuses on the EDGAR® Web site
Data definitions and help text available for data displayed in the application
Available as a stand-alone tool or integrated with Morningstar® Advisor Workstation Enterprise Edition
Also available as an XML-based data feed to power order-entry systems or advisor-client Web sites

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