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The Standard provides group disability, life, individual disability, and dental insurance, retirement plans, investment advice, and annuities.
Insurance Solution: The Standard
Precise criteria promotes product development
As we began planning a new registered variable annuity product for our retirement plan, we needed to access data at the NAV level. We needed to be able to search by various criteria such as categories, and screen out funds we wouldn’t be able to use, such as single product funds.

With Morningstar Direct, we can search for VA products in the same way we can for mutual funds, and that’s just what we needed to perform the analysis necessary to launch our new product.
Capabilities save resources
Now that we have Morningstar Direct, it has improved our processes across the board. We’ve been able to streamline many tasks, and it helps us quickly pull together what we need for regular reporting. The style consistency graphs are particularly useful, and we like the ability to compare holdings. It’s incredibly easy to produce graphs, and those visuals really help, especially when working with colleagues who are not so entrenched in the numbers.

A powerful solution
Morningstar Direct has all the data you need, including NAV-level information. But the power lies in the ability to put all the data together and communicate with others.
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