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Security Benefit
Kal Bakk
Chief Marketing Officer
Topeka, KS
Security Benefit provides retirement and investment solutions to education, corporate, banking, government, and health care clients, as well as financial solutions for individual investors.
Security Benefit
The choice was clear
Security Benefit chose Morningstar® Data because we were looking for a company that could provide accurate and reliable mutual fund data coverage in a timely manner. Morningstar’s reputation for support and service is widely recognized by the independent financial advisors we work with, so it was an easy choice.

Delivering quality data
We use both daily and quarterly mutual fund data feeds to update our websites and provide data on all of the mutual fund options in our products. The information is also used to create marketing brochures and other informative pieces. As a provider with a multi-manager fund platform, we rely upon
Morningstar’s services to meet our customers’ needs for performance reporting. Morningstar’s outstanding analytical support enables us to provide our financial advisors with invaluable education and planning tools to meet their clients’ needs.

Providing a positive experience
Since using Morningstar Data we have received many comments attributable to Morningstar’s commitment to providing accurate and timely information. We count on Morningstar to help us meet customer expectations, and they deliver.

Proactivity is valued
One of the reasons Morningstar is a superior information provider is the commitment of their technical
Morningstar Office Client - Security Benefit | Morningstar U.S
and customer support staff. Morningstar has taken the time to understand our business needs so they can anticipate what we need, and not just wait to respond. It’s this commitment that separates Morningstar from the rest of the pack.
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