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Transamerica Fund Advisors, in St. Petersburg, Florida, is a member of the AEGON Group.
Transamerica Fund Advisors
Emphasizing asset allocation
When the market bubble burst about four years ago, there was a lot of uncertainty—for both advisors and investors. Our research indicated that clients were less interested in stock and fund recommendations, and more interested in reducing risk and improving overall long-term performance. Today, asset allocation is our business.

We had to find a way to free advisors from the job of managing money that would allow them to focus on managing the client relationship instead.

Leading the peer group
Richard Cardall (a divisional vice president of Transamerica Capital) saw the advantages of our advisor group’s entry into asset allocation management. He knew how to sell the program to our staff, and he realized the potential of the Morningstar relationship
because Morningstar had all the information about our funds at their fingertips.

My fund advisor group set up a series of four Transamerica IDEX Asset Allocation portfolios. As with most new funds, it took a while to penetrate the market, but after three years, all four are now in the top quarter of their peer groups. Overall, the strategy has exceeded our expectations.

Pairing sales and strategy
Our success was based on several factors—all of which involved Morningstar. They gave us the analytics, the methodologies, and the experience to make the case to our board of directors for approval.

A second factor was convincing Transamerica Capital’s sales force and the marketplace. We
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were able to leverage Morningstar’s credibility with advisors and clients and show how Morningstar would make independent decisions based on a disciplined approach.

Another factor was addressing the operational issues. Together with Morningstar, our advisor group conceived all the controls, and, over time, made adjustments to get where we are today.
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