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Spence Fitzgibbons
Vice President, Director of Product Management
American Century Investments
Kansas City, Missouri
American Century Investments is a leading investment manager serving investment professionals, institutions, corporations, and individual investors. The company manages approximately $98 billion in assets and offers a broad array of products across a variety of investment disciplines.
Asset Management Solution: American Century Investments
Testing more, introducing less
In our industry, organic growth is tough to come by. We can't depend on market appreciation. Strategic product line management is much more important, so we strive to ensure our products are relevant and well-matched to customers’ needs.

My philosophy is to examine and investigate more products to introduce fewer, more successful products. Because our group is responsible for development, management, and implementation, we look at all the factors required to properly position products in the market.

Maintaining a competitive advantage
Morningstar continually adds capabilities that expand what we can do in terms of competitive analysis, product positioning, and product
development. We present Morningstar information because it’s a strong brand in this market.

Morningstar Direct is fantastic for competitive analysis, showing us where opportunities exist. We use it to evaluate the style characteristics of new products and to hone our product positioning. Morningstar Direct helps our group make informed decisions for product development. It’s part of what I know to be a best-of-breed structure.

Presenting a compelling story
We use Morningstar Direct to provide the content and analysis to support all types of marketing communications. We can tell targeted stories for institutions, investors, and advisors. We can even create very powerful visuals. And I believe a picture is worth a thousand words.
Morningstar Office Client - Asset Management Solution: American Century Investments | Morningstar U.S
I know that American Century has a good story to tell. We’re a very sound investment manager, we have a broad product line, and we demonstrate excellence across a number of investment disciplines. But it’s getting more competitive, so we recognize how important it is to clearly communicate why our products are better. Morningstar helps us keep that edge.
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