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Portfolio Management and Performance Reporting
Morningstar Office simplifies the portfolio management and performance reporting process, so independent advisors can spend more time building their practice and less time managing administrative tasks. It offers easy data imports from more than 50 external sources, multicurrency and multilingual capabilities, automatic data classification, and an audit trail for all transactions. Advisors can monitor client portfolios and create customizable, client-ready reports that feature timely Morningstar analysis.
What you can do:
Quickly import client account information
Import client data from 50+ sources
Track imports and reconciliations with the transaction blotter
Automatically map imported securities to Morningstar Office’s database of 270,000+ investments
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The portfolio management system makes it easy for advisors to import client data from many sources or to manually enter additional information. Morningstar can convert the data, assist in initial account reconciliation, and support the ongoing import of client data.

Import transactions directly into Morningstar Office from custodians and data providers, including:

First Clearing
FTJ Fundchoice
Raymond James®
RBC Correspondent Services
TD Ameritrade®
Trust Company of America

Monitor account performance
Prioritize clients based on assets under management and other criteria
Identify best- or worst-performing securities in your clients’ portfolios
Quickly access key performance reports for your practice, clients, and portfolios
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With Morningstar Office, advisors can look at all of a client’s holdings, including different types of managed accounts, at the individual security level. This comprehensive client view enables advisors to make precise adjustments to their clients’ portfolios and optimize performance.
Integrate reporting with Morningstar analytics and data in real time
Examine client portfolios quickly to spot potential problems or opportunities
Merge client accounting reports with proprietary Morningstar metrics
Create advanced reports with detailed Morningstar analysis
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Morningstar Office is web-based so advisors have real-time access to Morningstar securities analysis and Analyst Reports. They can merge client account reports with Morningstar’s proprietary investment and portfolio analytics, such as the Portfolio Snapshot™, Portfolio X-Ray® Report, Stock Intersection, and Investment Detail™ reports. This functionality helps advisors stay on top of their clients’ portfolios and make more informed investment recommendations.
Generate professionally designed, clear reports
Create portfolio, performance, management, and fixed income reports
Group accounts for consolidated reporting
Illustrate in-depth account information in a way that’s easy to understand
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Portfolio Accounting reports follow GIPS standards and include multicurrency support and composite performance measures. Each report is customizable and all reports are available as PDF files for convenient client communication.

Reports available in the Portfolio Accounting system:

Portfolio reports
Realized gains and losses
Unrealized gains and losses
Transaction summary
Income and expenses
Cash ledger
Purchase and sale
Billing statements

Performance reports
Asset class
History summary
History by asset class
Date-to-date gain and loss
Asset reconciliation
Management reports
Assets under management
Maturity and expiration alert
Portfolio register
Management fees
Security cross reference
Trade activity

Fixed-income reports
Cash projection
Interest accruals
Maturity and expiration to put/call dates
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