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Morningstar® Alternative Investment Center is an online portal for extensive screening and analysis of alternative investment data. Its qualitative and quantitative data, diagnostic tools, and analytics allow institutional investors, consultants, and accredited investors to conduct research and due diligence on more than 8,000 active and thousands of dead hedge funds. Information is updated directly by hedge fund managers so users have access to the most current data available.
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Technical Requirements
Key Features
Use more than 300 searchable data points to fully assess hedge funds
Import proprietary portfolios or funds for custom analysis
Evaluate a hedge fund’s governance with operational ratings
Perform scenario analysis on portfolios
Plot an efficient frontier to determine optimal risk/return levels
Compare an investment strategy’s performance against indexes or other portfolios
Download data into Microsoft® Excel® to include in presentations or reports
Prepare customized presentation-ready reports from a choice of more than 100 analytical charts
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