The Little Book That Builds Wealth
Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing
The Ultimate Dividend Playbook
Comprehensive. Timeless. Authoritative.
Stock investing techniques.
Picking an individual stock requires hard work, discipline, an investment of time—and money—and yet there’s no guaranteed return. The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing provides a roadmap for achieving positive long-term investment results. This guidebook contains information on companies, on economic sectors, and knowing when to buy and sell.
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In This Book
Learn what defines a truly profitable company
Discover how to find great companies with competitive advantages
Know the common mistakes that even experienced investors make
Evaluate management activity and determine its impact on a company
Recognize red flags that can negatively affect your portfolio
Apply valuation principles to improve return
Read about 13 individual industries and the specific factors that drive them
Partial Contents
Chapter 1: The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing
Chapter 2: Seven Mistakes to Avoid
Chapter 3: Economic Moats
Chapter 4: The Language of Investing
Chapter 5: Financial Statements Explained
Chapter 6: Analyzing a Company: The Basics
Chapter 7: Analyzing a Company: Management
Chapter 8: Avoiding Financial Fakery
Chapter 9: Valuation: The Basics
Chapter 10: Valuation: Intrinsic Value
Chapter 11: Putting It All Together
Chapter 12: The 10-Minute Test
Plus individual chapters on 13 industries, including health care, consumer goods, and utilities
Publication Details
364 pages, softcover
Published in 2004
Author: Pat Dorsey, Morningstar director of stock analysis; foreword by Joe Mansueto, Morningstar chairman and CEO
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