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Susan C. Fischer Warren
Susan C. Fischer Warren
Susan has been a Morningstar.com Premium Member since 2001.
“I’ve changed how I invest because of what I’ve learned.”
Find a voice
Susan C. Fischer Warren knows she’s not the only one gritting her teeth through this economy. As an office manager of more than 20 years for a pediatric dentist, she sees a lot of faces, but she’s long had trouble finding someone to talk to about her investments. “I meet a large cross-section of people every day,” she says, “but not many people who want to talk about finances.”

Connect with others
As a Morningstar.com® member, Susan says she’s found a good way to connect with other individual investors online. Impressed by the site’s “top-notch quality” and detailed analyst research, she’s used Morningstar.com for more than eight years to manage her family’s portfolios,
screen for new investments, and follow the latest market news.
But what keeps Susan coming back to Morningstar.com every day is the interaction with other engaged investors through the forums on Morningstar Discuss. “I was so happy to find people who were passionate about investing. There’s a community there. There were people out there just like me.”

Discuss and decide
Susan often applies what she learns through the forums to make more informed investing decisions, participating in conversations about exchange-traded funds, retirement planning, and dozens of other topics. She shares her portfolios through Morningstar Discuss and even leads HandsOn, a popular model portfolio contest.
Morningstar Office Client - “I’ve changed how I invest because of what I’ve learned.” | Morningstar U.S
“I’ve changed how I invest because of what I’ve learned. If you don’t have the information you need, other investors on Morningstar.com will help you. The support makes a big difference.”
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