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Market Data Feeds
Morningstar collects real-time pricing data from more than 260 sources around the world, covering a wide range of equity exchanges and indexes, as well as foreign exchange and Treasury markets. Direct relationships with these exchanges mean we can deliver low-latency data feeds. Every tick is available through our streaming feeds in a variety of time intervals and formats.
Real-Time Market Data
Streaming Feeds
Our low latency, fully hosted streaming feeds provide consistent and timely delivery of consolidated global market data, on a market or instrument basis. Data is collected, normalised and distributed at 10 key global locations, for low-latency access to major financial markets. Access is offered through a platform-neutral wire protocol or API, ensuring compatibility with all client environments. Streaming feeds are delivered either through the internet or dedicated circuits from one of a number of global points of presence (POP).
Web Services
Our institutional market data cloud provides immediate, on-demand access to our complete set of financial market data. Applications can access real-time, delayed or end-of-day pricing data, historical data and a host of related content, on-demand, using industry-standard protocols like XML and JSON. The Alerts component provides the ability for users to set alerts on a variety of criteria and receive real-time notifications when criteria are met. Designed and built from the ground up for the investment community, Morningstar’s Web Services are ideally suited for integration into media portals, brokerage operations and end-user desktop or mobile applications.
Snapshot Feeds
Clients can receive precisely scheduled delivery of intraday or end-of-day pricing, reference and historical data, all available by the minute or any custom period of time, ideally suited for middle and back-office needs. Clients can maintain their own universe of required instruments, or opt for a Morningstar-maintained universe, in cases where vendor control over the universe is required to comply with third party licensing. File formats (e.g. fields, delimiters) and delivery times are fully customisable to meet a broad array of requirements.

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