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Real-Time Market Data
Morningstar collects real-time pricing data from more than 260 sources around the world, covering a wide range of equity exchanges and indexes, as well as foreign exchange and Treasury markets. Direct relationships with these exchanges mean we can deliver low-latency data feeds. Every tick is available through our streaming feeds in a variety of time intervals and formats.
Real-Time Market Data
Low-Latency Feeds
Our low-latency feeds provide consolidated data streaming up to 650,000 messages per second.
Broadcast Feeds
Our broadcast feeds flow permanently streaming quotes into applications that process and store large amounts of data. We offer these data feeds for Microsoft® Windows® environments, as well as in Internet Protocol (IP) format for use with any operating system or platform.
Interactive Feeds
Using our interactive feeds, applications can request and receive pricing data for a pre-selected universe of symbols and fields. Interactive feeds deliver either streaming or snapshot data.
RMDS Adapter
For clients with a Thomson Reuters Market Data System, we provide software that easily integrates our interactive feeds with their systems.

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