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Foreign Exchange and Treasury Data
Morningstar’s foreign exchange data covers the currency and Treasury markets globally, providing data on more than 1,300 currency pairs delivered streaming, snapshot or end-of-day. Clients choose the data they need and the delivery method they prefer.
Foreign Exchange and Treasury Data
Foreign Exchange Pro
Available for all the currency markets and contributors we cover, the Foreign Exchange Pro Feed streams real-time prices for more than 1,300 currency pairs labelled with their associated source. A composite version includes the latest currency quotes across all contributors.
Foreign Exchange Average Best Bid/Ask (ABBA)
For seamless integration with pricing and trading engines, we offer the accurate Foreign Exchange ABBA Feed. This feed delivers quotes for our top 130 currency pairs, smoothed with a proprietary algorithm to eliminate erroneous data points.
Foreign Exchange Fast Lite
Ideal for institutions that require frequent updates but not a streaming feed, the Foreign Exchange Fast Lite Feed sends snapshot pricing data every 10 seconds for selected spot currencies and precious metals.
Foreign Exchange Lite
Offering the same data as the Foreign Exchange Fast Lite Feed, the Foreign Exchange Lite Feed delivers data updated every 60 seconds. This option is ideal for retail applications.

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