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Deployment Options
Morningstar Markets offers a variety of deployment options appropriate for both individual and enterprise users. As a stand-alone product, it’s available as a thin-client web application. Clients can also integrate it with their existing trading systems, or they can combine it with the functionality of other Morningstar products including Morningstar Direct and Morningstar® Advisor Workstation. Dedicated project management and relationship management resources are available to help minimize switching costs during implementation, while telephone and online support assists users anytime.
Morningstar Markets is delivered in a variety of ways:
Morningstar Markets Stand-Alone Version
Morningstar Markets offers a fast, desktop-like experience with the freedom and cost advantages of a web-based application. Appropriate for both individuals and enterprises, the stand-alone version requires no software installation or plug-in technologies and offers continual, rapid updates. It’s easily accessible online, giving users the opportunity to work from anywhere with an Internet connection, on any browser. APIs are available to enterprises that wish to integrate Morningstar Markets with their existing trading systems.
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A downloadable market data workstation, Morningstar® QuoteSpeed, is also available. Learn more. 
Morningstar Direct
Morningstar Direct is our all-in-one global investment research software that helps portfolio managers and other financial professionals make daily investment decisions. It offers rigorous analytics supported by timely data for all the investments in the Morningstar database, plus real-time market data from major exchanges.
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More information about the Morningstar Direct 
Morningstar® Advisor Workstation
Morningstar Markets powers the Real-Time Module in Advisor Workstation, our complete investment planning platform that helps affiliated advisors manage their book of business. Each firm selects its own combination of modules, which we adapt to deliver the investment data, reports, and functionality its advisors need.
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More information about the Real-Time Module 
Morningstar® Integrated Web Tools
These adaptable online tools help institutions deliver real-time and delayed data, charts, and news to advisors or individual investors through their websites.
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