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Institutions turn to Morningstar for help navigating the world of exchange-traded funds. They use our ETF research to support their internal research teams, as well as networks of financial professionals. Broker/dealers and other businesses integrate our analyst reports with their websites and platforms to help their advisors assess whether a fund is suitable for an investor. They also license ETF model portfolios and favorites lists to inspire investment ideas, and attend events like the ETF Invest Conference.
New research: Expanding on internal resources
Internal teams stay up-to-speed on ETFs with our research, interacting with our analysts when they have questions. Rather than adding staff, these teams can rely on us to cover the most popular ETFs and build on their own analysis. Whenever an ETF launches, we publish an initial report to help make investment professionals aware of these rapidly evolving investments.
Accessible analysis: Delivering research through various platforms
Institutions can make our ETF research available either through internal or Morningstar platforms. ETF research is currently offered through Morningstar Direct, Morningstar® Advisor Workstation, and Morningstar® Analyst Research Center, alongside analyst research for stocks, company credit, funds, and IPOs.
Live events: Discussing the latest investment ideas
Institutional clients and financial professionals can attend events that highlight ETFs, including our ETF Invest Conference. Held in Chicago in the fall, this event brings together fund managers, our analysts, and industry experts to discuss investing in ETFs from strategic and tactical viewpoints.
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