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Institutions connect with their customers by incorporating our exchange-traded fund data, ratings, reports, and Morningstar® Integrated Web Tools within their websites. They also build Morningstar-branded or internally branded ETF education centers using our online investor classrooms, advisor tutorials, video reports, and industry commentary. Morningstar content allows institutions to offer investors an independent, third-party perspective on ETFs.
ETF education centers: Building Morningstar or branded resources
We leverage our experience establishing a comprehensive ETF resource on Morningstar.com® to help clients create ETF education centers of their own. Applying our design, data, and technical expertise, we develop both Morningstar-branded or white-labeled ETF centers for institutions. Our deep understanding of the fundamentals of ETFs gives us the perspective to design effective tools and resources.
Embedded ETF information: Enhancing products and communications
Morningstar offers comprehensive data for ETFs, as well as exchange-traded notes, in the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, the Middle East and other regions. Updated weekly, our editorial commentary features portfolio strategy ideas, investing tips, sector analysis, and emerging developments in the ETF world. Both our data and content flow into our clients’ products and communications, powering tools such as ETF screeners.
Interactive learning: Featuring videos and presentations
Our straightforward and plainspoken approach to ETF research makes it particularly appropriate for investor education. We offer extensive multimedia content to engage investors in the learning process. Our video reports cover industry outlooks, manager interviews, and market events. Morningstar analysts lead live webinars on topics like mutual funds vs. ETFs, leveraged ETFs, and tactical allocation. Online slideshows help advisors present ETF investing basics to clients. Institutions can request customized webinars or presentations to meet the needs of different audiences.
Integrated Web Tools: Transforming websites with interactive ETF tools
Morningstar® Integrated Web Tools allows institutions to incorporate Morningstar’s robust ETF data and analysis into their websites. It gives them an edge against their competition and allows them to go beyond basic ETF research by providing real insight into how to use them as investment tools. Integrated Web Tools provides the tools needed to search, compare, and analyze a comprehensive library of ETFs.
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