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For Portfolio Managers and Institutional Investors
Institutional clients extend their internal research capabilities with Morningstar Corporate Credit Research Services. They access company-level reports with detailed debt analysis through our web portal, along with interactive cash flow models featuring five-year forecasts of leverage, coverage, and liquidity ratios. Direct interactions with our credit analysts allow institutional clients to explore new investment ideas or get second opinions. Institutional clients also receive our Credit Research Weekly newsletter, featuring issuer commentary and industry news. Our Credit Research Best Ideas list highlights bonds we think are priced attractively on a relative value basis.
Analyst access: Discussing investment possibilities
Clients who use our institutional Corporate Credit Research Services can discuss their ideas or questions with our credit analysts and industry specialists by phone or email. Institutional clients can attend our industry events and conferences, where they meet with our analysts and other industry experts. Clients can also join us for regular conference calls on relevant investment topics.
Underlying models: Revealing what’s behind each rating
Institutional clients can download all the underlying forecasts and financial models that our analysts conduct to determine a company’s credit rating. Our web portal houses five-year projected pro-forma financial statements for every company we cover. Access to these models helps institutional investors explore an analyst’s detailed valuation assumptions, or generate their own assumptions.
Idea source: Delivering regular commentaries
Not only do we regularly update our company credit reports, we also provide institutional clients with a constant flow of bond investment information. Each week, clients receive our Credit Research Weekly newsletter featuring developments within the companies we cover, bond market commentary, new coverage updates, and index data. Delivered monthly, our Credit Research Best Ideas list showcases our favorite bonds that we select on a relative value basis. Our list includes both investment-grade and high-yield credits, and is sorted by credit quality to help portfolio managers easily find investment ideas. Institutional clients can also stay connected with market activities through our Quarterly Debt Default Outlook and Quarterly Market Outlook, offering a sector-by-sector, bottom-up view of the debt market in the United States.
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