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Simplified variable annuity analysis.
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Morningstar® Annuity Intelligence is an online tool that simplifies the process of researching variable annuity contracts, supporting suitability reviews, compliance, and sales. Advisors, broker/dealers, and insurance carriers use it to quickly search, filter, sort, and analyze in-depth reports explaining variable annuities. These plain-English reports feature constantly updated, independent information on 2,100+ active and inactive contracts—including details found nowhere else on contract titling, spousal continuation, and benefits.
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Streamlined Annuity Research
For Advisors and Representatives at Broker/Dealers
Annuity Intelligence gives advisors the information and tools needed to not only build knowledge of variable annuities, but to make suitable investment recommendations with confidence. The tool’s easy-to-understand reports are approved to share with clients, helping advisors explain complex products and their benefits in simple language for improved client service. Marketing and sales groups at broker/dealers use the tool to easily track product updates, to support advisors and prospects, and to screen and benchmark carriers.
Distill contracts to a one-page summary, plus one page per rider
Compare up to three contracts side-by-side to highlight key differences, uncovering the advantages and disadvantages of different products
Find quick answers about fees, surrender charges, transfer limits, and more
Filter contracts by specific criteria such as share classes, living and death benefits, and fee ranges
Screen benefits based on factors such as withdrawal percentages, step-ups, spousal continuation, and the impact of withdrawals
Produce and present FINRA-reviewed reports to clients
View alerts of current and upcoming changes to contracts
Support 1035 replacements by running comparisons between existing and new contracts
Generate custom suitability forms that automatically pull contract data into client proposals
For Compliance at Broker/Dealers
Compliance staff and suitability reviewers at broker/dealers improve the speed and effectiveness of their compliance process with Annuity Intelligence. Access to timely, dependable information such as accurate contract titling helps reduce the risk of errors and arbitration. Some broker/dealers require the tool’s side-by-side comparison in their documentation of 1035 exchanges.
Provide an easy-to-use education resource on variable annuities
Access the most current contract information, updated directly with changes the day they’re available from the SEC
Make 1035 sale and replacement paperwork more accurate and complete with historical contract information dating back to the 1960s
Refer to accurate, up-to-date information on contract titling, spousal continuation, and the impact of withdrawals to better serve clients and avoid unforeseen consequences like large tax bills
Compare up to three contracts side-by-side for suitability reviews and produce reports with the results
Improve the suitability of sales to seniors by providing advisors with an “Issues with older ages” portion of the report alerting them to milestone dates and other implications
Create custom suitability forms for advisors to use with clients, automatically importing contract data for efficient reporting
For Insurance Carriers
Internal and external wholesalers, product development, sales management, and sales desks at insurance carriers all use Annuity Intelligence for a current view into the variable annuity market. Not only does it help them quickly track trends and monitor the competition, the tool also prepares wholesalers to educate advisors and representatives at broker/dealers about available products.
Position wholesalers as product experts
Start sales conversations using the tool’s reports and side-by-side comparisons
Highlight a product’s strengths against competitors to overcome objections
Offer suggested product replacements by comparing old and new products
Support training during branch visits
Educate advisors and representatives through simple explanations of product features
Provide advisors and representatives with FINRA-reviewed annuity reports for use with the public
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