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Presentation Studio
Presentation Studio in Morningstar Direct makes it easy to get right to the necessary data for research, and then transform it into professional, custom-branded fact sheets and presentations. The feature gives users control over layouts, allowing them to adapt their materials for a range of audiences. Customized files can be saved as templates for future use.

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What you can do:
Create custom-branded materials
Incorporate company logos, colors, fonts, and disclaimers
Prepare single-investment reports or multiple-investment workbooks
Select from a library of professionally designed graphics
Access consolidated investment data
Import data from private strategies
Morningstar Direct
Presentation Studio makes it possible to create highly customized materials that reflect a company’s brand. Easy-to-use tools help build materials ranging from fact sheets for individual investments to a complete workbook comparing multiple managers. Users select report components from a library of professionally designed charts, data tables, and graphs that quickly communicate complex investment information. Supporting data comes from Morningstar’s database, as well as from imported proprietary investment data. Available charts present data for single investments, comparisons of two investments, or an entire lineup.

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Design professional reports in minutes
Drag and drop charts and data tables to create layouts
Update materials instantly with new data or settings
Add text boxes to accommodate content
Morningstar Direct
Presentation Studio saves firms time spent on reporting while helping achieve professional results. With a few clicks and little training, users can generate high quality materials by simply dragging and dropping charts and data tables onto a page. Charts and tables automatically resize to fit available space, yet they retain their mathematical integrity. Each time a template is opened, report components immediately populate with current data. Any changes made to investments, time periods, benchmarks, or other settings automatically apply throughout an entire report book. Optional text boxes accommodate disclaimers, headings, or other free-form content. Presentation Studio produces materials as PDF files or Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations.
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