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Delivery and Support
In addition to continuously expanding our coverage, we apply our technological expertise to make sure our clients receive our data in an easy-to-access format that best meets their needs. We recognize clients depend on our data to power their businesses every day, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure our data is integrated within their systems. Our hands-on client management teams work to guarantee the transition is as seamless as possible and that our data and delivery mechanisms continue to serve them as their needs change over time.
Convenient delivery: Efficient formats and client-driven schedules
We offer flexible delivery methods—such as APIs, feeds, and web-hosted components—to help our data flow as seamlessly as possible. We can also evaluate a client's existing systems to make sure our data integrates with third-party platforms, proprietary data, and other technologies so clients can quickly adopt Morningstar data without any interruptions.
Client support: Personalized service from Morningstar experts
Morningstar’s teams of dedicated client managers and data analysts mean that personalized support is easily accessible. Our data analysts are all local subject matter experts, which enables them to apply their regional market expertise to understand and quickly resolve any issues.
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