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Wolfram Research, Inc.
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Peter Overmann
Executive Director of Research and Development
Wolfram Research, Inc.
Champaign, Illinois
Founded by physicist Stephen Wolfram in 1987, Wolfram Research creates advanced technologies such as Mathematica computational software and the Wolfram|Alpha online resource.
Wolfram Research, Inc.
Think big
A project as ambitious as Wolfram|Alpha™ needs data as broad as the world’s imagination. This groundbreaking online resource aims to answer questions not by surfacing information from the Internet, but by building its own encyclopedic database that makes it possible for anyone to compute virtually anything. Its creator, Wolfram Research, Inc.—a pioneer accustomed to developing what it needs in-house—found the integrity and depth of financial data it was looking for in Morningstar® Data for stocks.

Search for data experts
Wolfram Research knows data. “We have 20 years of expertise in financial computation and engineering,” says Peter Overmann, who led the integration of financial data into Wolfram|Alpha.
While collecting and curating other data types, Overmann decided to keep the project on a fast track by seeking out financial data providers. That’s when he contacted Morningstar.

Source precise information
Wolfram Research considered every leading data provider, performing extensive quality checks and comparisons on their data samples. “Financial data is fundamentally difficult to deal with compared to other areas,” describes Overmann. “Following a stock over 30 years is a challenge, and Morningstar has done a good job processing data and delivering it in a useful form.”

Compute millions of queries
The depth of Morningstar’s data helps Wolfram|Alpha anticipate the millions of financial inquiries it receives.
Morningstar Office Client - Wolfram Research, Inc.  | Morningstar U.S
“Wolfram|Alpha knows about 600-700 properties from each company’s balance sheet—sourced from Morningstar,” says Overmann. “The data includes everything we and our users expect to have.” Overmann envisions incorporating additional data from Morningstar. “There are many opportunities for our companies to expand together.”
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