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Investment Philosophy and Process
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Investment Philosophy and Process
At Morningstar Investment Services, we strive to manage clients’ money as if it were our own. That means investing for the long term and relying on objective research to create diversified portfolios. To keep our portfolios well-positioned through the market’s ups and downs, we use a time-tested, repeatable investment process.
Capital Markets Assumptions
Our respected asset class research forms the building blocks of our portfolios—starting with real-world data on how asset classes perform over time.
Strategic and Dynamic Asset Allocation
In this step, we use our research to develop an efficient asset allocation mix designed to maximize return for a given level of risk.
Manager Selection
Our investment professionals meet personally with managers and evaluate their investment styles using a five-pillar system to identify the most appropriate strategies to include in our portfolios.
Portfolio Construction
Each potential holding undergoes careful scrutiny—including risk and expense reviews—to help determine if it’s a good fit within a portfolio.
Ongoing Monitoring
As markets change, so do our portfolios. Our investment team monitors them each day to stay well-positioned and risk-aware through the market’s ups and downs.
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