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Customisable. Convenient. Integrated.
In addition to its exceptional analysis functions, Morningstar™ EnCorr® offers time-saving features to help investment professionals make customised presentations to their clients. Seamless integration with Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Excel®, and Word® allows users to generate clear and precise graphs, tables, charts, and reports that demonstrate statistical analyses. Report and presentation templates can be customised and saved for future use.
What you can do:
Create customised reports
Import and place individual graphs, tables, or charts in a report
Design the reports to meet specific needs
Customise reports with logos, titles, or other information
EnCorr makes it easy to create professional reports customised for each client. Incorporate anything from a single graph to the results of a complete portfolio analysis.
Integrate with Microsoft Office
Import charts, graphs, and tables into Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint with clipboard-like functionality
Export data into Microsoft Excel
Add new data and functionality in Microsoft Excel, and then transfer it back into EnCorr to run reports
Enhance reports and presentations with compelling data and analysis. EnCorr works hand in hand with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, making it easy for users to produce professional reports.
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