Morningstar Essentials
Independent. Recognised. Relevant.
Objective assessments for marketing support.
Morningstar® Essentials™ is a toolkit for enhancing marketing materials with industry-standard statistics recognised by investors and advisers worldwide. Firms that license Morningstar Essentials can use statistics such as the Morningstar Rating™, Morningstar Analyst Rating™, and Peer Group Ranking in advertisements, websites, and other materials to communicate the advantages of their investments. A full range of data and content is available to support marketing and advertising campaigns, including peer group rankings, qualitative reports, and print and web-ready images.
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Key Features
A regularly updated resource for marketing ideas inspired by independent Morningstar data, statistics, images, and analysis
Resources are available for open-end, superannuation funds, pensions and annuities, and investment bonds
Data and content can be licensed for use, including qualitative ratings and reports, Morningstar Awards, and Morningstar analyst reports
Morningstar analysis and proprietary statistics build on information from our in-house investment database, one of the largest in the world
Data is collected directly from managers and checked extensively for quality
Key data points include Morningstar Rating, Morningstar Style Box™, Morningstar Return, Morningstar® Category, and Percent Rank in Category
Clients can always access licensed data and content via a convenient password-protected website
Adviser and investor websites
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Shareholder communications
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