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Advisor Workstation
Banca Generali
Pier Mario Motta
Chief Executive Officer
Banca Generali
Milan, Italy
Based in Milan, Italy, Banca Generali provides financial, banking, and insurance products. Through external acquisitions, the bank has experienced significant growth over the past several years.
Banca Generali
More advice, more choices
Banca Generali’s growth stems from acquisitions, and today Banca Generali is one of Italy’s largest companies in assets under management. Combined with our associated independent brokerage firm, Simgenia Sim, we rely on a large network of highly experienced and professional financial advisers.

Our value proposition is Più consulenza per decidere, più scelta per investire, which expresses the idea: More advice for making decisions, more choices for making investments. Morningstar helps make it easy for our clients to allocate and manage their assets so they can meet their financial goals.

Using Morningstar innovation
We use Morningstar® Advisor Workstation™, a customized
platform based on the funds distributed by Banca Generali. It supports our financial advisors when they conduct their daily activities and manage their client relationships.

The Morningstar Rating™ tool contributes to the quality of advisory services delivered to the client. The investments receiving a 4- or 5-star Morningstar Rating are considered “the best funds of the market.” Banca Generali can offer these funds to its clients as independent investments or as investments within a specific asset allocation strategy.

We also use Morningstar’s investment fact sheets on our company’s intranet. These are updated daily and provide information on our products in a consistent design across investment types.
Providing global expertise on a local level
Since we began our first project with Morningstar, they demonstrated flexibility and responsiveness when meeting our requests. Morningstar was able to combine expertise in the global markets with knowledge of our domestic market in order to find the solutions that would best suit Banca Generali.
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