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20 Jan 2009Ibbotson Expands Custom Target Maturity Portfolio Construction Service to Plan Providers and Sponsors of all Asset Sizes
13 Aug 2008Ibbotson Selected by ING Financial Advisers to Create Model Portfolios for Active ETF Strategies and Tax-Sensitive Strategies
12 Jun 2008Ibbotson Selected by SecurePath by Transamerica to Help Create Customized Lifetime Retirement Strategies
16 Jan 2008Ibbotson Study Finds Living Benefits Can Help Increase Retirement Income While Reducing Income Risk
12 Jul 2007Morningstar’s Ibbotson Unit Receives Patent on its Portfolio Creation Technique Using the Concept of Human Capital
27 Mar 2007Ibbotson Research Paper Receives Graham and Dodd Scroll Award from the CFA Institute Financial Analysts Journal
26 Oct 2006Morningstar’s Ibbotson Unit Announces Retirement Income Patent
26 Sep 2006Morningstar Appoints Four Senior Managers and Researchers at Ibbotson Associates
02 Aug 2006Morningstar Announces Appointment of Peng Chen as President of Ibbotson Associates
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