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Ibbotson Associates works with retirement plan providers on behalf of retirement plan sponsors to develop a spectrum of suitable investment options that allow plan participants to implement diversified asset allocations ranging from conservative to aggressive. Guided by a flexible framework of quantitative and qualitative measures, a rigorous screening process identifies potential investment options. Acting as co-fiduciary, Ibbotson Associates recommends appropriate investment options and then monitors their performance.
Flexible implementation: Designing customized programs
Ibbotson Associates helps plan providers develop investment programs that meet the needs of their plan sponsor clients. Consultants divide the plan provider’s investment universe into categories of core and supplemental asset class offerings. If plan providers want to offer additional guidance to plan sponsors, Ibbotson Associates will cooperatively develop appropriate asset class lineups.
Rigorous screening: Selecting and monitoring investment options
To narrow the investment universe, Ibbotson Associates applies quantitative and qualitative criteria such as style consistency, performance, regulatory issues, and manager turnover. Funds that pass this screening become part of a menu of qualified investment options fulfilling core and supplemental asset classes. Ibbotson Associates monitors these investment options quarterly and annually for consistent performance.
Reliable compliance: Sharing fiduciary responsibility
As a co-fiduciary, Ibbotson Associates shares responsibility with plan providers for the recommended investment options. Not only are its recommendations ERISA 404c compliant, they are based on a defensible methodology for selecting and monitoring investments.
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