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Funds of Funds
A fund of funds presents opportunities for investment companies to offer professional asset management, access to asset allocation experts, and "best of the best" fund selection to investors and their advisors. Ibbotson Associates draws on its extensive asset allocation experience to help investment companies create a fund of funds. For investors, a fund of funds developed by Ibbotson Associates encourages participation through a simple, cost-effective investment strategy. Advisors can save time while offering access to institutional asset management.
Asset allocation expertise: Building fund-specific portfolios
Fund-specific portfolios give investors the ability to implement professional strategic asset allocation portfolios or fund-of-funds investment solutions. Ibbotson Associates’ process maintains asset allocation integrity by matching the asset class exposure of a portfolio of funds to an investor’s target asset allocation model. The Ibbotson Associates fund selection process identifies funds that fulfill three requirements:
Appropriate for implementing an asset allocation policy
Exhibit stable and predictable style results
Provide excess return with managed risk (due to superior managers)
Independent insight: Providing an objective viewpoint
Ibbotson Associates is an independent third party that provides objective investment manager and fund recommendations when constructing portfolios for clients. This helps financial institutions reduce conflicts of interest in the manager selection process while increasing investor and advisor confidence in the investment products.
Marketing support: Helping clients succeed
Ibbotson Associates provides financial institutions with a range of marketing and sales services to support its asset allocation products. Services include assistance in developing marketing materials, sales staff training, travel with field salespeople, and presentations at key meetings.
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