Ibbotson® SBBI® Classic Yearbook
Leading capital markets reference.
Ibbotson SBBI Classic Yearbook
The Ibbotson® SBBI® Classic Yearbook is the definitive study of historical capital markets data in the United States. Used by advisors, financial planners, and brokers to analyze asset class performance, the yearbook contains total returns and index values dating back to 1926 for large- and small-company stocks, long-term corporate bonds, long- and intermediate-term government bonds, Treasury bills, and inflation.

PLEASE NOTE: The Ibbotson SBBI Valuation and Cost of Capital yearbooks were discontinued after the 2013 editions. Some information from the Valuation Yearbook was moved into the 2014 Ibbotson SBBI Classic Yearbook. Similar versions of the valuation and cost of capital yearbooks are being produced by Duff & Phelps.
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In This Book
Returns and index values for six U.S. asset classes plus inflation dating back to 1926
Growth and value data dating back to 1928
Graphs and tables of historical data
Market commentary highlighting key events that shaped the markets
New for 2015
Enhanced size premium data, as well as a new section on the historical equity risk premium
Key Features
Highlights of the 2014 markets and the past decade

Describe to clients the past decade’s events and trends that shaped the capital markets to what they are today.

Review the major global economic and news events of 2014.

Gain Morningstar analysts’ insights into each sector for 2015.
Historical returns on U.S. stocks, bonds, bills, and inflation (SBBI)

Demonstrate the importance of asset allocation to clients with the large stocks, small stocks, government bonds, corporate bonds, inflation, large-, mid-, and small-cap growth and value data.
Wealth forecasting with Monte Carlo simulation

Effectively convey to clients the importance of evaluating the probability of various portfolio performance outcomes through the Monte Carlo Simulation which creates multiple trial runs using random variables.
Alternative Investing

Provide to clients a high-level look at trends in growth and value investing.
Publication Details
Published annually
Ships in April and features data through December of the previous year
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