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For advisers and investors, setting up a portfolio and managing investments to meet individual goals requires access to information and tools to assess performance against benchmarks. Morningstar’s Portfolio Management Tools excel at providing all the information a professional demands and all the innovation required to make the products easy to use.
For advisers and individuals:
Instant X-Ray™
Analyse portfolios at a glance
Get detailed breakdowns on each holding
Instant X-Ray allows investors to analyse their portfolio across seven criteria, including asset allocation, style box diversification, and sector and country exposure.
For advisers:
Portfolio Constructor™
Evaluate a client’s existing portfolios in an asset allocation framework
Assess the impact of modifying securities and allocations
View detailed security-level and portfolio diagnostics to inform decisions
Save recommendations to access later, or implement them as portfolios
View the Morningstar Style Box™ for each portfolio
Advisers can use Portfolio Constructor to build and present diversified portfolios that match a client’s ideal asset allocation. Show the true composition of a portfolio at a glance—including sectors, asset class, and style. Best of all, when you rebalance, add, or delete holdings, you’ll instantly see how your proposed changes affect the overall portfolio composition. The Portfolio X-Ray® report provides a detailed summary of a portfolio’s asset allocation, style diversification, and sector exposure.
Investment Illustrator
Create customisable investment illustrations and proposals
Accurately and efficiently model products
Make recommendations to clients
Generate customised reports
The Investment Illustrator can present the performance of a security or assess a portfolio of securities. Create reports that illustrate investment strategies based upon specified schedules, fees, taxes, and rebalancing options. Report output can be tailored to meet company requirements—from specialised data to custom marketing messages.
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