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Finding the right investment options within the thousands of securities available can be time-consuming and challenging. Morningstar’s Investment Planning Tools are easy to use and highly efficient, producing the insight and clarity that can lead to smart decisions. The tools fully utilise Morningstar’s experience in collecting investment data, analysing securities, and creating products that empower individuals to manage their investments.
For advisers and individuals:
Investment Profiles™
Cover a variety of funds
Feature proprietary Morningstar data and analysis
Morningstar's comprehensive online Investment Profiles are a one-stop source for timely data and research on funds.

A complete research tool, Investment Profiles present proprietary statistics and performance, portfolio, and operations information in a clear, easy-to-understand tabular format. They include proprietary data such as the Morningstar Rating™, Morningstar Style Box™, Morningstar Return, Morningstar Risk, and Morningstar Category. Investment Profiles are essential resources for advisers and investors in evaluating specific investment vehicles and making meaningful comparisons and sound investment decisions.
Basic screening tools use pre-defined ranking fields
Quickly sort by performance, risk, rating, and fees
Quickrank is a ranking tool that helps users sort our fund database by performance, Morningstar Rating, investment style, volatility, or fees. Quickrank is one of the simplest and most popular tools and can serve as a gateway to the full range of Morningstar data.
Customisable tool allows for user-defined screens on dozens of criteria
Criteria selection include operators such as “equal to” and “greater than” for more precise screens
Multiple results views provide a vast amount of investment information
Screener enables users to sort through the thousands of securities to find the ones best suited for them.
Fund Compare
Morningstar-created comparison lists
Comprehensive results views such as Overview, Rating and Risk, Performance, and Fees
The Fund Compare tool allows users to quickly evaluate funds against one another to see which have the highest returns, the highest Morningstar Rating, the lowest fees, and more.
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