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The Morningstar® EnCorr® platform simplifies the process of creating optimal portfolios through a full suite of investment analysis tools. Investment professionals can assemble an asset allocation policy from a variety of investments while running Monte Carlo simulations to project wealth. After building test portfolios, they can evaluate and monitor investment style and performance. Centralised access to comprehensive historical and current performance data encourages educated decisions along the way.
Use these convenient tools:
Analyse historical portfolios
Sort and examine return statistics, user-defined performance periods, regression, and correlation
Convert currencies
Use hedge- or inflation-adjusted data series
Begin building asset allocation recommendations by exploring historical performance data for a range of investment types and market indexes.
Inputs Generator
Develop asset class assumptions
Build expected return estimates with various methodologies including historical, building block, Capital Asset Pricing Model, and Black-Litterman methods
Match current market information with historical data to develop a strategic asset allocation plan. Set and test the forecast statistics to optimise a portfolio.
Optimizer Plus
Generate efficient frontiers with built-in or user-defined capital market assumptions
Apply Monte Carlo simulations using cash flow and spending rate forecasts
Use surplus optimisation for asset/liability modeling to identify true risk in a portfolio
Resample efficient frontiers to improve diversification and stability
Generate efficient frontier graphs to help build optimised risk/reward portfolios for clients. Test and analyse portfolios on frontiers created using EnCorr’s resampling methodology to make sure they are optimised for a number of possible market scenarios.
Evaluate consistency over time with returns-based style analysis
Examine the impact of investor decisions including policy, market timing, and security selection
Determine which investments offer the best performance relative to a benchmark by reviewing historical averages. Explore how an investor’s choices might affect returns.
Identify whether the desired asset allocation is achievable with a given set of managers
Designate an optimal manager mix with easy-to-use methodologies
Implement an asset allocation plan by searching for the manager mix that will bring the desired result. Eliminate any guesswork by verifying selections through quality research and data.
Scenario Builder
Perform "what if" analyses under numerous market and economic conditions
Demonstrate how investment vehicles perform under varying scenarios
Test an asset allocation plan under a variety of market and economic conditions to determine how well it performs. Create graphs, tables, or reports to present clear and visually appealing results and incorporate them into Microsoft® Office.
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